Keep calm and carry on…

It was a strange mix of moods at the Marrakesh climate talks today, following Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential election.

Some were defiant. Others despaired. And some were going about their business as if nothing had happened.

This is odd given that president-elect Trump has threatened to “cancel” the Paris climate agreement, which saw 195 nations agree to phase out the use of fossil fuels — an agreement that the Marrakesh talks are now trying to put into action.

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What’s the endgame for fossil fuel firms?

“Old endgame lost of old, play and lose and have done with losing.”

Samuel Beckett, Endgame

“… many players are able to play quite well in the opening and middle game but feel helpless when they reach the endgame.”

Expert Chess

It might seem a long way off, but large fossil fuel firms and those who make a living from observing and reporting on them are starting to think about the endgame.

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