The elephant in the carbon war room

The G20 group of countries’ undertaking six years ago to phase out fossil fuel subsidies gave a significant boost to efforts to abolish artificial price support for one of the world’s most powerful and wealthy industries. Despite the undertaking, subsidies have stubbornly persisted, undermining global efforts to curb climate change. Continue reading

How soon is now?

It seems that Saudi Arabia’s oil minister, 80-year-old Ali Naimi, is either wilfully talking himself out of a job or is implementing a long-term strategy to become Saudi Arabia’s first renewable energy minister.

Yesterday, he remarked “one of these days, we are not going to need fossil fuels” and proceeded to discuss the future of Saudi Arabia’s economy — solar power. He’s not the first Saudi oil minister to allude to the end of the “oil age”, but he’s certainly one of the most cheerful about it to date.

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