Nord Stream 2: It’s not (just) the economics, stupid!

Russian gas has long been an instrument of political influence on Ukraine, the former ‘Eastern Europe’, and the continent as a whole. This is abundantly clear in Moscow’s full-on promotion of the Nord Stream 2 project where contested cost forecasts, energy diplomacy, and the tying in of firms from EU countries are all part of a strategy with geopolitical as much as commercial aims. Continue reading

London-listed oil shares shrug off EU vote

The index of London-listed oil and gas producer share prices hit a more than one year high this morning. Of course, an index that embraces everything from the most tiddlerish of minnows through to the blue whales of BP and Shell contains many fallers as well as risers. But as an Argus blog noted on the day of the UK EU referendum result, the kneejerk sell-off of BP and Shell shares that morning was just a blip on a 12-month graph of prices, as was the down dip in crude prices.

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