LNG tanker saves cat (no, really!)

The 173,400m³ Stena Clear Sky LNG tanker saved a cat and its owners off the coast of northern Brazil last week.

Loustic the cat and owners Pablo and Marion were adrift for four days in their sailing boat after the generator broke down. All three were safely dropped off in Trinidad and Tobago.

“When we first saw the ship lights at night and heard the captain´s voice on the radio, we felt relieved. Then, this giant ship came towards us. All we could see was the giant dragon face painted on the side becoming bigger and bigger. That was really scary,” the French couple said.

Why am I telling you this?  Because this time of year is what we call in the industry, silly season.  And the last week of August is the height of the silly season.

This means everyone is on holiday and no-one wants to make major announcements.  Of course the market keeps trading, but most people will close their positions before going away to avoid nasty surprises.

But news never really stops.  We’ve had Nigerian feedgas force majeure , Argentina diverting LNG cargoes, and new Middle East imports hitting summer highs to name a few important stories.

But the cat’s tail is the purrfect way to demonstrate how silly it can get at this time of year.  You could say the LNG tanker owners are feline good about this turn of events.  We have to publish before the mews gets old.

(Ok, I’ll stop right here).

Source: memegenerator.net

Source: memegenerator.net

 Loustic the cat, and owners Pablo Tatulli and Marion Lacan. Source: Stena Bulk

Loustic the cat, and owners Pablo and Marion. Source: Stena Bulk

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